Wednesday, May 30, 2007

First Blog!

B'ism illah ar rahman ar rahim
"In the name of Allah most Beneficient Most Merciful!"
I have no idea how to use this. I have been awake all night and its almost noon.
Last night i realised something.
It has always been in my nature to observe and feel. To try to listen to meaning instead of sound. To try to see soul instead of colour.
I have always sought truth and knowledge, in fact, in belief, in everything. I wanted to be able to see truth and then show it to others. So, to this noble cause i have read voraciously from an early age, anything and everything i could get my hands on. I looked for books old and new, having faith that some wise man sometime, somewhere, must have preserved some measure of wisdom in them. I had hoped that the more i delved between the pages, the mist would steadily clear, and i would finally have some vision. That if someone would ask me of something, i would know. I speak not of facts like 'How does the eye work?' but of truths like 'What is it to see?'.
I discovered, to my increasing agony, that the more i searched for answers, the more questions i found. ('Why do we see?', 'What is it that we see?')
I had an adolescent fantasy, that i would enmass so much knowledge, truth and illumination, that one day, i would write a inspired book. I dreamt of a great book. Not a scripture, no. The kind of book that some day, someone like me, in his search for light, would stumble upon, and find some measure of truth therein.
This blog is, in a way, an obituary for that book. (lolz)
I have conceded that i will perhaps never reach such a state of intellectual purity, as to be able to write an entire volume.
But we all encounter truth in our lives, no matter how insignificant. Perhaps a Great Book cannot be written of that truth but that does not mean that it is unworthy to be shared.
I will try to share with you, in leiu of my Great Wealth of Knowledge, humble truths and thoughts that i happen upon.
I will at times venture to explain the role of Mango Milkshakes in the Grand Purpose of Existence and sceme of things. Because sometimes we find incredible, inexplicable illumination in things that make no sense at all.
Try to bear with me :( .
(please forgive the incredibly dry language, and the over dramatization....just lack of sleep :P )

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