Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Post @ UPP

as far as i am comcerned this is a very fundamental but very neglected issue. it encompasses not only the nature of our national ideology, but with recent seperatists movements gathering momentum, we must as ourselves what, in this land of a multitude of languages, races, cultures really unites us? what really is a pakistani?
pure democracy failed….dictatorships failed….islamisation failed……now secularism is failing yet again…

this land is for islam….for those who say its not : i say well, we might as well become another province in india. because then we have defeated the purpose of our creation….what the hell were all that blood and sweat and tears wasted for….

my family is muhajir and my grandparents didnt leave everything behind just so their granchildren could say ‘ ooops - mistake! we dont really care about islam …its just a private belief system that has nothing to do with the country!’ OR ‘oops! these guys with the beards seem to know what theyre talking about! so lets leave religion and rule to them! who cares if they cant count beyond 100!

what i would like to see happen is an ‘enlightened islamisation’ the likes of which themodern world has yet to see. and pakistan is the best country to acheive this.

islamisation has failed under zia….and islam of the subcontinent has been mullahficated….pakistanis need to come to terms with the reality and decide if we want to truly understand and implement islam intelligently like the quaid envisioned…
we might as well start singing bande matram and waving the indian flag…

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shez said...

"this land is for islam….for those who say its not"

When you say this, whats the difference between you and those who say this land is for Wahabi's and Deobandis or any madhab for that matter.

"This land" probably was a mistake. but it was never meant to be for islam, it was meant to be for muslims, hindus, christians etc. etc. atleast tahts what Jinnah wanted..not that it matters anymore.

PS: why dont you remove the limitation for anyonymous comments, taht way i could post by blog aswell :)